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Scans your website and improves its search engine visibility
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CoffeeCup Website Insight is intended to increase the visibility of your websites. The program is capable of scanning a given website, provide a report and suggest modifications that could improve its search rank. The program´s interface is well designed and easily navigable. However, this is not the kind of program anyone can use and understand as it is mainly intended for webmaster and designers.

To start a scan, you only need to provide your site’s base URL and wait until the program crawls through the links and compiles the necessary information. Then, you get the results of the analysis showing the number of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and media files as well as images. Fortunately, the info is presented graphically, which contributes to a better interpretation. On one of the sides, there is a menu from which you can get more detailed information, including keyword density, broken links, and faulty meta description.

Based on the results of the scan, CoffeeCup Website Insight gives you a series of recommendations, which are arranged according to their impact. For example, creating a sitemap. Most of the advice is intended to increase the site´s social media visibility.

All in all, CoffeeCup Website Insight is an excellent tool in the hands of webmasters and designers. It is shame that the advice provided by the trial version may not be enough for a significant improvement in the amount of traffic directed to your website, which makes it difficult to fairly evaluate the tool.

Pedro Castro
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  • Breakdowns your page’s core components, view their size and load time impact
  • Can skip the selected areas for a faster scan
  • Improves keyword usage with keyword density and importance statistics
  • Provides recommendation to attract more traffic to your website


  • The trial version cannot really help improve visibility
  • Not appropriate for inexpert users
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